The Streetleaf Story

About Streetleaf Streetlights


Climate change starts at street level

Streetleaf’s mission is to make a positive impact while minimizing the impact on the world around us.

Our community infrastructure relies too heavily on traditional energy. We saw an opportunity to change that in an industry virtually untouched by innovation and technology. We aim to power more than 55M street lights with renewable energy.

The street smarts of Streetleaf

In four short years, Streetleaf has emerged as the renewable solar lighting infrastructure leader. Environmental sustainability isn’t our only focus, though. We value human and economic sustainability as well.

15 Minutes Average Installation Time
>3500trees planted
> 3500 Lights in Operation
  • Renewable

    Our focus on simple solutions from start to support help us bring more positive impact to more communities.

  • Accountable

    We measure positive impact in terms of people, planet, and profit to ensure we act in the best interest of more than just ourselves.

  • Credible

    We don't stop at expertise. We take every opportunity to leverage data for continuous improvement.

  • Our leaders

    Kartik Goyani

    Chief Lighting Officer
    After 20 years in real estate development, Kartik Goyani felt an urgent need to find a sustainable lighting solution that was smarter, more efficient, easier to use, and affordable. He co-founded Streetleaf to help people and communities power life with intelligent, renewable lighting infrastructure.

    Liam Ryan

    Head of Illumination
    Liam Ryan Streetleaf
    After graduating, Liam worked on wildlife reserves in Mozambique and South Africa. There he lived in communities with extreme energy poverty. Once the COVID-19 pandemic struck, he moved back to the Tampa Bay area, where he joined the Streetleaf team. His passion for green energy and shaking up the status quo aligned with Kartik and Streetleaf’s vision for the future.

    Malcolm Forbes

    Solar Lighting Operations
    Malcolm is passionate about building teams and processes. He is always keeping the customer lighting experience top of mind. With over 11 years of both Customer and Management experience, Malcolm joined the Streetleaf team to manage the line of communication between customers and vendors to get projects completed. Malcolm’s goal is to build and maintain an outstanding team here at Streetleaf while implementing strategic processes that will continue to help the company scale.

    Giorgio Bazzigaluppi

    IoT Data Engineer
    Giorgio focuses on data intelligence and project design. He prides himself on being able to keep the lights on in communities, even during extreme weather events like Hurricanes. Giorgio has worked for various start-ups and is eager to find solutions that shake up conventional wisdom. Giorgio is excited to be part of Streetleaf and help the company rethink the standards in lighting for a better future.