Brilliantly Simple


Cleantech solutions that are as reliable as they are simple

  • Efficient approach

    Every project is different and each community has different needs. We start with site surveys to assess your individual goals and objectives.

  • Solar study and lighting design

    Solar surveys provide us with comprehensive information to design for maximum efficiency based on the solar potential of each site.

  • Quick and easy installation

    Once planning is complete we install the next day, with each light requiring only about 15-minutes from the truck to the ground.

  • Simple by design. Easy as a result.

    Why spend more time on street lights than you need to?

    Streeleaf’s product and process are second to none, from planning to performance. We ensure a seamless and straightforward experience that allows you to spend less time on street lights and more time building thriving communities. That’s what we’re here for.

    After installation, it only gets easier. Live Weather integrations, machine learning, mesh networking, and remote management keeps life with Streetleaf easy.